Potagic ~ Aromatic plants (herbs) in a kitchen garden.

Most of these aromatic plants are perennial, and easy to cultivate. Those who like herbal teas and sophisticated dishes, will find their hapiness in these choices for their vegetable garden.

Basil : basil is an excellent aromatic plant to combine with tomatoes.

Chives : essential in every garden !

Lavander : a plant with a famous smell...

Mint : mint grows like weed in a vegetable garden.

Parsley : I tried sowing and planting parsleyin my vegetable garden, and had better results with sowing.

Rosemary : rosemary is a beautiful plant. The one I planted in my vegetable garden in 2005, mesured 1m20 in 2007!

Thyme : thyme is a wonderful plant, don't hesitate to sow different kinds of it in your vegetable garden.

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