Du basilic qui commence à former des fleures.

Le basilic vu d'en haut.

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Description of basil

Name Basil
Type Small-leaved basil is an ephemeral perennial. Large-leaved basil is an annual aromatic herb.
Height 20-80 cm
Width 20-40 cm
Flowers Basil flowers in June and July. He makes small white / pink flowers. Cut them when they appear.


I sow basil every year. Experience confirms that the combination with tomatoes is very beneficial.


What you should know before....

Each plant has different characteristics. Try to take those into account when you determine the best location for each plant in your vegetable garden. This way you'll optimize the chances of survival of each plant, and you'll facilitate the maintenance of your vegetable garden.

Exposure Basil prefers full sun.
Wind Basil fears the wind : shelter your plants.
Winter Basil fears frost : shelter your plants. Keep the small-leaved basil in a cool, well lit place in the winter.
Soil Basil prefers a well drained soil that's fresh, light, loose and rich.
Watering Basil fears drought : water it regularly.
Positive combinations tomato
Negative combinations
Crop rotation 

Learn how to sow, plant and multiply basil...

Sowing in a garden-frame Sow basil in a garden-frame from February -> April.
Sowing in place Sow basil in place in April-May, when there is no more risk of frost.
Germination Plant and transplant basil mid-May.


More information about basil

Properties Basil is an anti-mosquito.

And when basil is growing in your vegetable garden...

Cut Squeeze the basil flowers as they emerge.
Harvest Harvest the basil leaves from June --> September.
Use Basil leaves can be used fresh or dried, or preserved in olive oil.
Culinary Fish, soups, salads, ice cream, fresh pasta, mayonnaise, vegetables, sauces, herbal teas, ...

Add basil at the last minute to the cooked dishes.

Basil Scented Oil: crush the fresh leaves and put them to soak in a bottle of olive oil.

Herbal teas
Tips Choose small-leaved basil : it has much more fragrance.

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