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Description of rosemary

Name Rosemary
Type Rosemary is a perennial shrub, and is persistent.
Height 0,80-2 m. Rosemary grows very slowly.
Width 0,80-2 m
Leaves Rosemary leaves are dark green on top, and silvery on the other side.
Flowers Rosemary blooms from May -> August, and even in winter in regions with mild climates. It makes gray-blue flowers that are grouped in small clusters. Bees love these flowers.


What you should know before....

Each plant has different characteristics. Try to take those into account when you determine the best location for each plant in your vegetable garden. This way you'll optimize the chances of survival of each plant, and you'll facilitate the maintenance of your vegetable garden.

Exposure Rosemary prefers full sun.
Wind Rosemary fears the wind.
Winter Rosemary is rustic, but he fears severe frosts. Protect your young plants in the winter.
Soil Rosemary prefers a soil that's dry, light, permeable, well drained, low on lime, and not too rich.
Watering Slightly - Rosemary tolerates drought.
Positive combinations
Negative combinations
Crop rotation 

Learn how to sow, plant and multiply rosemary...

Sowing in a garden-frame Sow rosemary in a garden-frame from April -> June.
Sowing in place
(Trans)Planting Plant rosemary in the spring.
Layering From late November -> end of March.
Cuttings In September or March to April.

Plant a branch of 15cm in the shade in the garden-nursery. Transplant it to your vegetable garden the next spring.


More information about rosemary


And when the rosemary is growing in your vegetable garden...

Cut Cut rosemary at the end of May if necessary to give it a compact shape.
Monitor Remove the stems that turn brown: your rosemary is probably under a fungal attack.
Harvest Harvest the rosemary leaves from April -> October. Cut the rosemary stems and let them dry. Then, thin out the branches and keep the leaves. Harvest the leaves before you rosemary blossoms if they're destined to conservation.
Use Use the rosemary leaves fresh or dried (not crushed).
Culinary Put the rosemary in your cooking pot at the beginning, and remove it at the end of the cooking process.

Rosemary blends well with thyme.

Grills, fish, poultry, soups, vegetables, sauces, ...

Herbal teas Rosemary tea is surprising combined with lemon balm, mint, basil or ginger.

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