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Potagic ~ Rotating crops in your vegetable garden

Some tips & trics to learn how to rotate the crops in your vegetable garden.

Why should you introduce crop rotation in your vegetable garden?

If you apply crop rotation you won't see the performance of your plants decrease. 

If a plant grows in the same place for several years, the nutrients it takes in the soil will disappear, and parasites unique to this plant will have the time to settle into this soil.

In theory, the tomato can be grown in the same place for several years. But it's easier to incorporate it in your crop rotation.


How can you apply the rotation of crops in your vegetable garden?

Do not grow the same family of annual plants in the same place 2 years on a row. 

If your vegetable garden is divided into several planting beds, choose the same number of years for his crop rotation as the number of beds, in order to simplify the rotation. 

Year after year, put your garden plan on paper, especially if your vegetable garden is composed of many planting beds and if you grow lots of different plants, in order to comply with an optimal crop rotation.

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