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Potagic ~ Why create a natural vegetable garden ...

Some reasons to create a vegetable garden that's natural.

Natural or "organic" vegetables in your garden...

It's simple: you'll find the chemicals you spray on your fruits and vegetables, or put into your garden soil, in your environment but also on your plate! You'll eat them, and they will deteriorate your health and make you sick. In addition, pesticides and fungicides destroy all life in the soil of a vegetable garden, which is no longer able to feed the plants, so you'll have to add fertilizer, and pollute a little more mother earth. This vicious circle will prompt you to use always more and more chemicals, and you'll end up with fruit and vegetables that have no natural taste. In that case you can as well save you all the work, and buy them in the supermarket! No! No! And no! If you want to make the effort to create a vegetable garden in order to eat good fruit and vegetables, you should ban all chemicals. 

A natural vegetable garden is not only an intelligent idea, but it's also easier to manage. Start natural gardening today. It's only common sense!

The taste of natural plants is better.

Personally I decided to create a vegetable garden after tasting cherry tomatoes from the vegetable garden of our friends. The taste was very different from those I had eaten before - the tomatoes I used to buy at the supermarket. A little visit of their vegetable garden convinced me that it wasn't that difficult to grow its own fruit and vegetables. At that moment I received my first gardening tips.


A natural vegetable garden is economic.

There's obviously an investment at the beginning : you have to buy tools. But you don't have to ruin yourself to get the right tools. Ditto for the seeds. If you start gardening with plants in stead of seeds, try to find a dealer who sells organic plants near to your home. Collect rainwater and put in place a mulch to reduce irrigation. Make your own compost to feed the soil of your garden. With all these tips, cultivating your own vegetable garden will be much cheaper than buying all your fruit and vegetables at the supermarket.

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